Dell XPS 15 Review (9560) – GTX 1050 + Kaby Lake = 💙💙💙

Dave2D review of the 2017 Dell XPS 15 9560 with Kaby Lake and the GTX 1050. One of the best laptops for video editors and light gaming!
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“The port itself still runs at 40Gbits/s – this is not affected by the number of PCI-e lanes. Thunderbolt acts as an interface for many different types of signal, PCI-e data being only one of them. A Single PCI-e lane runs at 8Gbit/s, so 4 lanes can provide upto 32Gbit/s, whilst 2 lanes can provide 16Gbit/s. DisplayPort data itself is provided on a different set of dedicated display lanes, and is capable of carrying up to 34Gbit/s worth of DisplayPort data – enough to power 2 4k displays at 60Hz. A Thunderbolt 3 port will happily supply a full 40Gbit/s using data from any number of sources, be it PCI-e, DisplayPort or USB, so long as the combined total stays below the maximum of 40Gbit/s that the port is able to handle.

For example, a Thunderbolt 3 port may supply 32Gbit/s of DisplayPort data, and an additional 8Gbit/s of PCI-e data, for a total of 40Gbit/s, or it could provide 16GBit/s of PCI-e bandwidth, 16Gbit/s of DisplayPort data – it doesn’t really matter as long as the total bandwidth is kept under the limits for each set of lanes and the total limit (40Gbit/s) for the TB 3 port.

Whilst the 2 PCI-e lanes may be a limiting factor for eGPU usage in the future, it currently has little impact unless the internal display is being used, and will not affect how many displays the XPS 15 can handle.”

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Dell XPS 15 Review (9560) – GTX 1050 + Kaby Lake = 💙💙💙

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