Classic Game Room HD – EA SPORTS ACTIVE for Wii review

Classic Game Room HD reviews EA SPORTS ACTIVE PERSONAL TRAINER for Nintendo Wii. This exercise, physical trainer video game for Nintendo Wii is an excellent, well produced way to exercise, get fit, burn calories and use your Wii for something other than Mario Kart. This review of EA Sports Active for Wii has gameplay footage from Wii EA Sports Active which also uses the Wii Fit balance board (Although this review doesn’t have it). Create your own workout from numerous cardio, upper body, lower body and sports themed exercises. Calculate in advance how many calories you’ll burn, lose weight while jogging in place and pull some punches in Wii exercise boxing in EA Sports Active. This workout video game seems to be tailored to women but CGR is a man, MAN! And men need to stay in shape too, for a long healthy life of video game playing and beer drinkin’. This game features strength training on Wii, boxing, tennis, basketball volleyball, running, walking, knee ups, bent over rows, tricep kickbacks, arm bicep curls and more.

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Classic Game Room HD – EA SPORTS ACTIVE for Wii review

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