Classic Game Room – ATARI FLASHBACK PORTABLE review


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Classic Game Room reviews the ATARI FLASHBACK PORTABLE from AtGames, a portable Atari 2600 emulator mobile game system with 60 build in games and room to grow with an SD card slot.

This is basically the same unit as the AtGames Sega Master System I reviewed last year, which I also liked. The build quality seems appropriate for the price and the screen and buttons and d-pad are good.

CGR Atari Flashback Portable YouTube review has Atari Flashback Portable video review gameplay showing Atari 2600 handheld game system in action with games like Yars’ Return, Aquaventure, Atari Climber, Asteroids and Frogger! Atari Flashback Portable review hooray!

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Classic Game Room – ATARI FLASHBACK PORTABLE review

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