Will an Athlon 200GE run esports games ? CS:GO, DOTA, WoW

If you are looking to buy an AMD Athlon 200GE to play some esports games at low details and 1080p/720p check this review, you will find some useful information and benchmarks.

I tested this APU with Dota 2, CS:GO and World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

Dota 2 settings: 1080p Lowest details

CS:GO settings: 1080p Lowest details

WoW BFA settings: 1080p Quality 3 and 4 for world quests and 1080p/720p Quality 3/1 in Dungeon

Full list of components used:

CPU: AMD Athlon 200GE

RAM: Gskill Flare X 3200 C14 2x8GB Kit (limited to 2666 by the CPU)

Gigabyte B350N Gaming WiFi

Seasonic Platinum Fanless 520W

Thermaltake Core V1 mini ITX chassis

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Will an Athlon 200GE run esports games ? CS:GO, DOTA, WoW

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