Top 10 Biggest Chokes In CS:GO History

Every CS:GO player is familiar with the sweetness of victory and the bitter taste of defeat. Professional players are the same, they experience all the highs and lows of CS:GO, the fails and the god-moments, and we have the pleasure of witnessing it all. Welcome to Valve Guides, and here are our Top 10 Biggest Chokes In Pro CS:GO History.



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“CS:GO Pro Player fails”
“Astralis CS:GO Choke”
“Biggest Chokes IN CS:GO History”
Pro player Chokes In CS:GO


Liquid vs Luminosity: match hltv
Coldzera 4k

Karrigan Choke footage

NOTE FROM JOEY – Include Boostmeister song when playing boostmiester clip for the bants.

TSM vs Cloud9 from Katowice 2015

IBuyPower vs Penta Dreamhack Winter 2014

Thorin’s Thoughts – FNATIC’s Overpass Boost (CS:GO)

Dreamhack Winter 2014 CS:GO Championship Quarter Finals LDLC vs. Fnatic Game3 De_Overpass
(33 min)

Dreamhack Winter 2014 CS:GO Championship Quarter Finals Team Dignitas vs Na´Vi Game1 De_Cobblestone

CS:GO – Astralis vs. Dignitas [Cbble] Map 1 – ESL One Cologne 2016 – Group A Decider

Liquid vs Luminosity – MLG Columbus 2016 – BO3 – map1 – Team Liquid vs Luminosity Gaming – TL vs LG

Astralis vs NiP, Game 1 – Dreamhack Open Summer 2016: Semifinals

[CS:GO] Worst choke (Karrigan TSM)

Na`Vi vs Gplay bg, StarSeries s13, map 3 cbble (MUST SEE)

Team LDLC vs NiP – Game 3 – Gold Medal Match – #MLGXGames Aspen 2015 – CSGO

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Top 10 Biggest Chokes In CS:GO History

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