theScore esports Podcast: Ep 11 w/ CS:GO caster and analyst Moses

This week on the podcast, hosts Colin, Kyle and Ryan chat with CS:GO caster and analyst Jason “Moses” O’Toole about everything from the Negev buff to Astralis pulling out of ESL One Cologne, to why he thinks banned player swag should be allowed to compete in events like cs_summit.

2:02: Hosts Colin, Kyle and Ryan discuss the latest in the Tainted Minds saga
7:46: Moses jumps on, talks caster’s freedom to trash talk in CS:GO
11:40: On trying to get a chicken costume worn on-air
12:55: Why is was the right call for Astralis to pull out of ESL One Cologne
17:12: Life as a CS:GO caster, the problem with so many online leagues
19:28: “Who’s got the biggest dick?” The over-saturation problem in CS:GO
24:48: The future of CS:GO broadcasts: Improving the production values
30:00: “At some point there could be a bubble” in Counter-Strike
31:45: Why right now is a great time to be a CS:GO fan
34:42: On swag competing at cs_summit: “Play to your heart’s content”
36:06: ‘I think it’s almost crazy that they’re careers were just taken away from them’
40:25: Will Valve ever unban the iBUYPOWER crew?
40:58: The impact of CS:GO’s China release on the pro scene
43:25: Moses on the Negev buff and temporary price reduction—broken?

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theScore esports Podcast: Ep 11 w/ CS:GO caster and analyst Moses

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