The Top 10 Underdog Moments in CS:GO

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story?

In esports as in all things, it’s hard not to root for David against Goliath. That’s why this week we decided to give you the Top 10 Underdog moments in CS:GO.

Now keep in mind here guys when we say “underdog moments”, we’re not talking about clutch rounds here. We’re talking about improbable tournament runs by dark horse teams, the upstarts taking down the favourites.

As for how we ranked the list? Well, for each entry we considered the obstacles a team had to overcome, how far their run went and how it affected their place in CS:GO history.

Written and edited by: Simmy Fong (@Sifolyy) & Colten Gowan (@TheOnlyZoltan)
Hosted, voiced and written by: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin)

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The Top 10 Underdog Moments in CS:GO

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