'Reflections' with Sadokist – Part 1 (CS:GO)

Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett, world class CS:GO commentator, is the star of the 143rd Episode of ‘Reflections’.

This interview was recorded on the 22nd of December. Part two will feature footage from a separate session.

Time-line of topics discussed:
00:00 Intro
00:46 Commentating Tribes
03:26 Sports commentary
07:32 Dad’s thoughts
10:05 Getting into esports commentary
17:56 work ethic vs. talent
20:30 Charisma
24:41 Duo with HenryG
30:15 Duo with Moses
33:20 Working with Tobiwan
36:38 Duo concept and challenges
42:32 Battles over who gets the games
56:37 Competing with Anders and Semmler
1:01:10 Being successful
1:03:46 Fickle nature
1:06:00 Had only done one major final
1:09:23 camaraderie

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This video was kindly supported by:

Dean Tanglis
Andreas Snazore Westerlund
James Harding
Tobias Bernasconi
Travis Greb
Tristan Jones
Daniel Olivar
Jiangheng Lu

Special thanks go out to JerCkysMiNi0n.

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'Reflections' with Sadokist – Part 1 (CS:GO)

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