OpTic Gaming @ESL Pro League S7 Finals (Fragmovie)

Finally a new Fragmovie. Due to university and other family stuff I wasn’t able to finish this in my normal time (1-2 weeks after the event). So when I knew, that I wasn’t going to make it in time, I decided to take my time and go all out with it.

With this video I did not try to simply showcase the best frags of the tournament. My goal was to tell the story of the tournament in a Aftermovie/Tournament-Recap sort of way, but still try to combine it with a “normal” Fragmovie-Style. I love how this turned out and I will try to flesh out that style more with upcoming projects. My goal is to make Fragmovies and videos in general in a way, that no one else is doing and I think, that I’m going in a interesting direction.

I will be in Cologne this week filming the ESL event and I will make a Fragmovie/Aftermovie of that as well, just probably in yet another style. I got some ideas and probably the best song I’ve ever edited to lined up for this project. I will also include real-life footage, which I will record with my shitty Lumix DMC Fz1000. Still can’t wait to attend my first esports event and hoping to meet some new people and learning a lot of stuff.

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OpTic Gaming @ESL Pro League S7 Finals (Fragmovie)

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