CS:GO – CeRq – UNTOUCHABLE /Welcome to NRG eSports/

Sorry for the lags at the final highlight, my fraps’ fps dropped so much, don’t know what happened…

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EN: Well guys here it is the new movie called UNTOUCHABLE starring Cvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov, the young Bulgarian talent. I was really trying to do my best in this video and it took me about 25 hours to finish it. I really liked that song and wanted to share it to you all guys so you can know there are good songs also. Hope you like the montage I made. Cheers!

BG: Ето го и новия клип, наречен UNTOUCHABLE, включвайки Цветелин ‘CeRq’ Димитров, младия Български талант. Опитах се да вложа всичко в това видео и ми отне около 25 часа за да го завърша. Много ми хареса песента и исках да я споделя с вас, за да разберете, че в България има и по-хубави песни от чалгите и тем подобните на чалги песни. Надявам се да харесате клипа.

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– www.twitter.com/Outlaws_CeRq
– www.steamcommunity.com/c3r99
– www.hltv.org/player/11219/CeRq

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– www.youtube.com/user/XPRSNorg

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– MD Beddah – www.facebook.com/md.beddah.5
– ПРИМ – www.facebook.com/PRIM33REAL/
– Nowallz – www.facebook.com/nowallzxprsn/

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Song: MD Beddah & ПРИМ – Туй що не гасне (prod. by Nowallz)
– Link:

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CS:GO – CeRq – UNTOUCHABLE /Welcome to NRG eSports/

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